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we repair electric vehicles

Ebikes, EScooters, Edirtbikes... Evehicles!

With the ever-growing market of electric vehicles, our shop is dedicated to having the skills and parts you need to repair, and or maintain optimal performance for your vehicles.

  • real world experience.

    Not our first rodeo when it comes to repairing electric vehicles.
  • certified service

    Having passed specific tests and training, our technicians are prepared to fix any vehicle the right way.
  • "EV multitool"

    Our services expand beyond solely electronics and covers all functions of your vehicle.

we can do

electrical, mechanical, and assembly

From the electronic functions of your vehicle to the shifting and mechanical functions we work on it all. We can even help you assemble your vehicle right out of the box.

Electrical work refers to the electronics that make your vehicle move and or operate, this can be displays, motors, computers, even wires and sensors! Our most common electrical service is finding out why a vehicle is not working or turning on and fixing it!

Every Electric vehicle has non-electric parts that need work done, this can be tires, tubes, shifting systems, alignments, replacement parts, chains, wheels, etc. Our most common services are ebike specific tune ups and flat tire repair.

Getting a box of parts and turning it into a vehicle is hard enough, let alone getting it tuned and adjusted the right way! We are happy to help assemble and or adjust your vehicle to your needs and accommodations.

We are dedicated to helping out in any way, if its not electrical, or mechanical, don't hesitate to contact us and see how we can help!

Call us! 435-265-6704

how to get your vehicle repaired:

Repairs are done by a first come, first in line basis. Often, while vehicles are waiting for parts we can get a head start on other projects to efficiently fix all vehicles. Contact us with any questions or come by the store!


“Alec at Charged Cycles pays attention to every detail. He is thorough, professional, and his e-bike knowledge exceeds most expectations. Thank you so much for taking such good care of my e-bike and me.”

-Rebecca Vaughan

“Very Happy with Service by Alec. I’m from Sun City, Arizona, and here for the summer. My Lectric bike needed service, and Alec took care of everything, tune up, break pads. At a very reasonable price. I am very impressed.”

-Denise Favorite

“I’d recommend this for anyone with a RAD ebike. Alec fixed my gear shifted and it’s working fantastic! He was so pleasant and honest. I’ll also be buying my next e-bikes from him! Highly recommend supporting this business!”

-Steph Fin

service you can trust.

  • RadPower Certified Service Center

    We are a certified RadPower Service partner with access to get you any replacement parts and service you need!
  • Certified by Bosch

    We have the tools and knowledge to diagnose Bosch Ebike systems.
  • Certified by L.E.V.A.

    An organization focused on the training of working on and repairing electric vehicles. We are proud to represent their trainings and partnership at chargedEcycles.

flat tire? Electrical? Mechanical? we can fix that.

Flat tire experts

Flat tire protection: Tannus armour

One of our specialties is flat tire reapir for "fat tire" ebikes. The infamous Goathead in Cache Valley stands no chance against Tannus Armour and provides an ease of mind while riding your ebike.

Tannus Armour in stock
Tubes and Tires in stock
speedy turnaround